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MRC is a Greek company that has been active in the field of health since 1985, and more specifically in the manufacture of artificial limbs, upper and lower limbs, tibial and tibial guardians, Cosmetic prostheses, orthosis products, wheelchairs and orthopedic items with long-term cooperation foreign companies such as Ossur, Ottobock, GTM, Touch Bionic and Be Bionic.

The highly specialized staff of our company, with training in the field of prostheses and with graduated Prosthetic Technicians undertakes to monitor the patient in all phases of his rehabilitation. Our achievement is the construction of personalized seats from a model while our main concern is to provide our customers with constructions comfortable in their application combining the functional with the aesthetic result. We cover incidents from all over Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans, offering hospitality as well as free transportation, where necessary, in order to complete the turnover of the incident without incurring the customer with additional costs and expenses.

There is a special department in order to inform and integrate people with mobility difficulties not only in the field of sports but also in Paralympic sports teams. We compete with the athletes because we believe very much in the potential of these children. A social worker with the appropriate scientific infrastructure and her human character is ready to offer in turn all the psychological support needed for each case individually. Finally, a service is provided for all the bureaucratic issues of EOPYY as well as a consultant who informs the patients about all their rights provided by the degree of disability that everyone has.

Our goal is to offer our fellow human beings, primarily the restoration of their mental health, helping them at the same time to return energetically and actively to their favorite activities. We confidentially secure their personal data and the cooperation with them then develops into a stable and valuable friendship. We work with stubbornness and will on a daily basis and are constantly informed about the latest developments in our field in order to maintain the trust of our customers which is governed by our consistency towards the main social work we offer.

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